A page that explains the context and purpose of Deep Links Micro Pages.

What is Deep Links Micro Pages?

  • Connects physical clothes to a digital webpage.
  • Owner of the clothes, OWNS the webpage

Why would I use Deep Links Micro Pages?

DLMP extends the purpose of clothing by imbuing them with a digital clone that lives beyond physical restraints; a unique digital life to an otherwise inanimate piece of cloth.

How do I obtain a Digital Clone?

On all DLMP products, you fill find a QR code that leads you to a webpage OWNED by the wearer of the apparel. This QR code is unique for each piece of apparel and links to the digital clone.

How do I edit the webpage?

Hidden on the DLMP apparel, you will find a key. This key is entered on the digital clones web-page to authorize your ownership and will allow you to customize the content on the page.

What are badges?

Badges are non-fundgible tokens minted on the IOTA developmental network. Each badge is unique to the specific digital clone.

Each unique badge has a specific variation of the following attributes:

  • Color: The badge color theme.
  • Convex Polygon: The embeded polygon.
  • Ribbon: The number of ribbons
  • Ribbon Shape: Ribbons are long, wide, and have a cut depth.
  • Lace: The number of teeth in the lace around the polygon and its depth.

How do I connect DLMP products?

Two DLMP endpoints can connect to share badges. To connect you must be logged in when you view another Deep Link Micro Page. At the bottom of the page will be a connect button with the following icon: